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045 - 20Muses Round 4
hetalia - romerica
April 17, 2016 - 4:00am

20 Hetalia


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044 - Animated20in20 Round 7 & 10in30 Round 1
arrietty teacup
January 27, 2016 - 3:30am

20 The Secret of Arrietty
10 Cinderella


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043 - 20Muses Round 1
January 15, 2016 - 5:30am

45 The Secret of Moonacre


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Most of these caps had been (during brainstorming) picked for different inspirations than the final result.  Just like with writing, the icons seemed to have a mind of their own and dictated what they should look like, throwing most of my pre-planning out the window.

1. Alonsa Guevara.  Colors and nature.  Not sold on the text, now that I look at it again, but coloring the trees was fun.
2. Ian Francis.  Blacks & reds, perfect for Robin de Noir.  I really like how all of his neck feathers stand out against the black.
3. Ian Francis.  Reds! I took Maria's red dress and ran with it. The grunge reminds me of the pearls after she breaks the necklace and throws them into the sea.
4. David Shillinglaw.  Text. Shillinglaw's work is way more complex than this icon, but I felt the amount of text was qualification enough.
5. Alonsa Guevara.  Feminine and flowery.
6. Alonsa Guevara. (again) Fantasy! This movie is full of it, and in this scene, Maria is reading what almost seems to be an echanted book, detailing Moonacre Valley's cursed history.
7. Alice X. Zhang. Colorful and artsy.  I am sooo in love with this icon; I think it my favorite of the set.  I was actually going for a more painted-art look, but my painting skills are crap, so after 2 hours of painting work, it still looked pretty bad.  So I started throwing paint-y textures everywhere, like splatter art.  You can now only see my paint work in her hair (which was the best part anyway!)
8. Alice X. Zhang.  Paint! Art! Everywhere!  I didn't bother painting this one, but I went for really artsy textures.  And wow, you can really see how short Maria is compared to Robin right here!
9. Fran Williams. Sorrow and strokes.  I'm still not satisfied with her hair, but I redid it many times already... meh.
10. Louise LeBourgeois.  Blues and simplicity. This was the first icon I made for the set, and I do like how the coloring turned out.
11. Line Osmundsen.  Green/earthy colors and beauty. I feel this icon could fall under Osmundsen, Liang, or LeBourgeios, but I think the nature of the Moon Princess speaks more Osmundsen.
12. Xue Liang.  Muted vintage!  The piano's shadow should probably be darker, shouldn't it?
13. Xue Liang.  More muted, vintage coloring.  One of the few icons where I didn't cut out the background!
14. Richard Whadcock.  Atmospheric screens? Honestly I wasn't sure how to categorize this one.  I really loved the cap but I struggled a lot with it... it shows.
15. Alice X. Zhang.  More art!  Miss Heliotrope is hilarious, so I felt bold colors were fitting for her.
16. Richard Whadcock.  Atmosphere, light. This icon was actually supposed to be inspired by LeBourgeois, but I felt it would end up too similar to #10 if it was blue too.  So I went for oranges and yellows, and it acutally looks really Old West to me, like she's standing around in the blowing country dust or something.  Not my original intention, but it turned out well.
17. Line Osmundsen.  Pastel beauty. This cap was supposed to be for Ian Francis, but I already had two red/black icons, so I cropped it down and tried something else.  I actually made the colorful alt first, and then de-saturated it for the final icon.
18. Richard Whadcock. Lights, darks, contrast.  Subtle coloring on this one.
19. SIT.  Black & white. Not creepy, but Maria was just captured by the enemies, so it was a bit scary for her.
20. SIT.  Black & white.  It doesn't really fit with SIT's themes, but it's b/w and I wasn't sure where else to put this one.

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042 - Last Post of 2015!!
dw - into the dalek

I have changed my username!! emharri > rizbef

December 28, 2015 - 12:00am

56 Mixed Misc Icons


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